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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

Get ready to fight crime and protect the innocent with our Ninja Turtle toys and figures. Expect everything from collectible TMNT Fugglers to hyper-realistic figures. And we’re not just talking Leonardo and the gang – look out for the likes of Leatherhead, Splinter and Rocksteady too!

Most popular Ninja Turtle toys

The Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles have captured the hearts and attention of fans for decades – all the way from 1983 to the modern day. And with the new TMNT movie delving even further into that universe, popularity is once again on the up. What better way to embrace all things Ninja Turtles than to update your toybox with new and collectible TMNT toys and figures? Let’s explore the range:

TMNT Figures & Fugglers

Of course, the most popular TMNT action figures are the Ninja Turtles themselves. Read on as we explore their personalities and the toys you absolutely need in your TMNT toybox. Expect everything from classic figures to new-to-market TMNT Fugglers.


Tactical, disciplined, and known for his signature blue bandana and twin katanas, Leonardo is the leader of the Ninja Turtles. Look to Leonardo Fuggler for a fun take on this classic character or upgrade your little one’s TMNT universe with a classic figure.


The brains of the group, technical expert, and lover of gadgets and technology, Donatello is one of the most popular Ninja Turtles. You’ll never catch him without his purple bandana and staff. Explore our range for figures and Fugglers galore!


Impulsive, quick to react, fiercely loyal and caring, Raphael is a real character. He wears an red bandana and can often be seen fighting his way out of tricky situations. Look out for Fuggler Raphael and a variety of other more traditional figures.


Commonly referred to as Mikey, this Ninja Turtle is the most cheerful and carefree of the bunch. Look out for his signature Orange bandana and nunchucks. Oh and don’t forget about his next-level love of pizza!

Alternative TMNT character figures

We don’t just stock Ninja Turtle action toys and figures; we have a variety of TMNT foes and supporting characters too. These toys are most often between 4 and 4.5 inches tall and come with a range of accessories for the ultimate creative play.


Leatherhead uses mischievous crocodile instincts to cause all sorts of trouble for the Ninja Turtles. If your little ones are all about the cheekier side of play, a Leatherhead figure will be perfect for their collection! And if their cheekiness is becoming a little too much, check out our guide on How To Teach Your Children About Responsibility.


Without Splinter, there would be no Ninja Turtles! Sensei and master trainer, he plays a fatherly role to Donatello and the gang. You’ll typically find him in his purpose-built sewer home, planning his next ninja training session. Add a Splinter figure to your TMNT mix to inspire a whole new world of creative story-telling and roleplay.


One of the Ninja Turtles’ biggest foes, Rocksteady is an anthropomorphic white rhino with ties to The Foot Clan. He’s often found doing the bidding of Shredder and can make for great mischievous play. Order your Rocksteady figure now or use our click-and-collect service from your nearest store.


With the coolest shades and a retro boombox, Bebop matches his love for music with his love for causing havoc. Wreaking mutant mayhem, you’ll always find him ready to join the fight. Buy online with options for free and quick delivery or go for click-and-collect and pick up from your local store.

What next?

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