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Beanie Boos

For a soft and snuggly best friend, look no further than TY’s super-cute Beanie Boos.

Made of high-quality, brightly coloured plush fabric, and featuring the adorably large, glittering TY Beanie Boos eyes, these cute pet playmates will hold a special place in your heart in no time.

There’s a huge range of snuggly pals to choose from. Will you pick a mythical dragon or unicorn? How about one of the sweet and expressive puppies or kittens? You could even collect a whole zoo full of Beanie Boos sweethearts!

Take your Beanie Boos on adventures during the daytime and cuddle up with them at night for the sweetest, softest dreams.

If you’re looking for even more adorable snuggles, check out the Snuggle Buddies or even soft toys from the fan favourite TV show, Paw Patrol.