Best Lego Sets to Build with Boys and Girls

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Best Picks for Pre-schoolers

1. LEGO DUPLO Brick Box

Not sure where to start your child’s love for LEGO? Look no further! The LEGO DUPLO range has been designed with little ones in mind. With larger pieces and plenty of sweet sets available, there is sure to be something for your budding builder.

Starting off strong with the classic LEGO DUPLO Brick Box. This brilliant box is packed with 65 pieces and full of fun objects and accessories, including a variety of bricks in fun colours to stimulate little ones’ minds as they play and grow.

Not only does this classic set provide stimulation for the brain, but it also introduces numbers with the included 1 to 3 numbered bricks. The perfect starter set to get your little ones creative juices flowing.

Looking for a variety of different LEGO Duplo sets? We have plenty to offer!

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2. LEGO DUPLO Caring for Animals at the Farm Set

If your little one is absolutely bursting for some animal-themed fun, then the LEGO DUPLO Caring for Animals at the Farm Set  is just for you.

Watch as your little one tells their very own farm stories with the included farmyard friends. Filled with chunky DUPLO pieces and accessories, these farm friends can be rearranged depending on the story, while they’re easy to build and ideal for little hands to piece together.

They will love the farmhouse setting as this sweet set encourages imaginative role-play, inspires creativity, and is bound to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Duplo farmyard friends.

3. LEGO DUPLO Spider-Man’s House

If you’re shopping for your little Marvel Maniac then this set is perfect to get them swinging into action with Spidey and his Amazing Friends!

Based on the much-loved Disney + TV show ‘Spidey and his Amazing Friends’, this LEGO DUPLO Marvel Spider-Man’s House ticks all the right boxes for your mini superhero.

This Marvel-lous set features 3 Minifigures, and a web element to be swooped around the lamppost so your child can role-play their favourite spidey scenes. It includes 25 chunky pieces, making it super easy for little hands to explore and build in independent play.

Encouraging children to explore and create their own stories with Marvel Spidey aids the development of self-expression and fine motor skills.

Looking for other LEGO Superhero sets? Have no fear, our LEGO sets are endless!

Best Picks for 5+ year olds

4. LEGO City Fire Rescue Helicopter Set

Looking for the next best thing to keep your growing LEGO lover entertained? We’re going to show you some of our best picks for 5-7 year olds that will keep them (and your wallet!) happy.

What better way to fire up the imagination than with this LEGO City Fire Rescue Helicopter Set! This fun playset features a LEGO fire rescue helicopter toy with 2 LEGO water element launchers, spinnable rotors, a cockpit, and even a LEGO firefighter pilot minifigure for rescue-themed role-play.

This action-packed set is perfect for children aged 5 years +, containing just 85 pieces means it won’t be too complex for small hands, but more advanced than the LEGO DUPLO range for little ones 4 and under. This set is the perfect next step in your child’s development and encourages learning through play and self-expression.

With a wide variety of LEGO City sets to choose from, the sky is the limit when having fun with LEGO!

LEGO Rescue helicopter.

5. LEGO Disney Princess Wayfinding Boat

Prepare to set sail with Moana of Motunui on your very own LEGO Disney Princess Wayfinding Boat.

This set is perfect for girls aged 6 and up to make friends with everyone’s favourite Disney Princess and discover more beyond the reef! This aquatic set features Moana’s Wayfinding Boat and plenty of accessories! With 321 Pieces there are hours of fun to be had for your little one as they help Moana build her Wayfinding Boat. The colourful pieces stimulate your child’s vision and creativity.

This Disney set taps into children’s passion for the ocean and encourages endless play and adventure – and once complete can be easily taken apart and rebuilt, or put on display in your child’s room to enjoy every day.

Have fun exploring our wide range of LEGO Disney Princess sets to maximise your little one’s imagination and creativity!

Have a look at our LEGO range to see the endless fun that your children will adore. Looking to get involved in the action? Have a look at some of our  LEGO sets for adults!

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How to Choose LEGO for Your Child

LEGO building bricks are a classic gift that can captivate children and adults alike, with a huge variety of options to choose from, there is something for everyone! However, we know how difficult it can be to pick something new for your child. So here are some top tips for choosing something your little one is bound to love!

Match Lego sets to your child’s interests. Consider toys your child has loved in the past, what they may have pointed at in your most recent trip to the shop, or even what they watch on TV! If your child has been obsessing over the Movie Moana lately, then try a Moana-themed Lego set so they can recreate their favourite scenes at home.

Pick one LEGO set they can achieve alone, and one they may need support with.

By choosing two options for your little one to explore, it pushes the boat out to encouraging independent play and expanding their mind. If your child is now attending school, this could be the perfect time to get them a LEGO set aimed at 5 years +. By doing so you ensure that the set will last a while as they learn how to piece together the bricks and will provide stimulation for the mind – whilst also creating a bonding activity with mum and dad to have some quality time together building something new!

Choose a set with pieces that can be used creatively for other projects.

When searching for new LEGO sets, you will often see that many of them can be combined to create larger projects for double the fun. By choosing one that can be combined with another, you encourage your child to want to expand their collection and learn more about how things connect and can be used in conjunction with one another.

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