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The Arcade

Explore our vast collection of arcade video game figurines featuring iconic gaming characters from franchises like Minecraft, Rainbow Friends, Roblox, Fortnite and many more. Find the most popular game characters from Sonic the Hedgehog to Super Mario. Whether building in Brookehaven and Livetopia or being the last one standing in Among Us, Fall Guys, or Stumble Guys. Our selection of arcade gaming collectibles has something for every new and retro gamer.

Most Popular Gaming Figures and Arcade Figurines

Step into a virtual world with our extensive collection of gaming characters and arcade character figurines. Whether a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, our selection brings digital characters to life! Be surrounded be the most popular gaming figures from the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Steve from Minecraft or Mario and Luigi. Showcase your fandom proudly with favourite Fortnite and Rainbow Friends characters alongside all your other collectibles. Find the perfect gift for gamers and gaming enthusiasts right here!

The Best Gaming Franchises and Platforms

Developers have brought us multiple engaging games with some of the most popular franchises including Super Mario Bros, Minecraft and Fortnite. Whether RPG, world-building, or first-person shooter these arcade figurines have become cherished across a variety of ages. Gaming collectors have mastered endless gaming styles from the blocky universe of Minecraft figures to joining forces with Rainbow Friends figurines embarking on quests or creating worlds with Roblox favourites Brookehaven and Livetopia to being the last one standing with Fall Guys figures, Among Us figures or Stumble Guys figures.

Why Collect Gaming Characters?

Collecting gaming characters or arcade figures isn’t just about decorating your shelves – it’s about connecting with a gaming community while celebrating a love for popular game characters. Many arcade collectors reward game completions with the best arcade figurines or celebrate milestones with special edition character statues from their favourite video game franchises. Whether building up your adult collectibles or looking for the latest crazes to gift a friend or loved one, we have something for every super fan!