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L.O.L. Surprise Boy Dolls

Unbox another awesome surprise with the L.O.L Surprise! Boys series. Discover a whole host of new friends and get ready for even more super cool adventures with a pal you can take everywhere.

Just as naughty and fashionable as their L.O.L Surprise! sisters, each L.O.L Boy has his own unique personality and comes with plenty of cool features. Dip your toy in cold water and watch him change colour, or feed your L.O.L Boy for even more surprises! With a range of characters and cool themes to explore, which of the L.O.L Boy dolls will you choose?

These adorable dolls are just the thing for exciting playtimes and make the perfect companion for sleepovers and outdoor adventures. Collect the whole bunch for hours of friendship, fun, and entertainment! And don’t forget, you can find even more quirky characters in our dolls and collectable figures ranges.