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LEGO Marvel

Build your favourite superheroes from across the Lego Marvel universe and reimagine the best comic book stories with your very own Lego Marvel Superheroes. From the Age of Ultron to the Multiverse, discover Lego Marvel figures, sets and vehicles for ages 4 and above.

Explore the Lego Marvel Universe

Dive into the Lego Marvel Universe and discover a full range of Lego Marvel sets and figures. Recreate iconic Marvel movie moments and comic book stories with characters from across the Marvel world and build your favourite Lego Avengers characters and take them on missions to save the universe from the powerful warlord Thanos. Join the Guardians of the Galaxy on their missions across space and help the best Lego Marvel figures on their quest through the Multiverse.

Our range of Lego Marvel includes figurines, Lego Marvel vehicles and sets for Marvel fans of all ages. We have Marvel Superhero Lego sets for ages 4 and above, all the way to the more advanced builds for ages 9 and more. So whether you want to add to your Lego Marvel collection or need a team of superheroes to fight the world villains, our range has you covered.

Popular Lego Marvel Characters

Lego has Marvel characters for you to build across every phase and saga of the cinematic universe. Marvel Lego sets include characters in all forms and heroics from across Marvel’s 80+ year history.

Lego Marvel Avengers

Discover the iconic Marvel characters in Lego form and use them to destroy the evil from Earth and beyond. Lego Ironman, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk are ready to take on Thanos and stop his plans for galactic domination. Even our range of Lego Spiderman is ready to take on the Multiverse and fight the likes of the Green Goblin and Doc Oc.

Lego X-Men

For the fans of the X-Men universe, our range of Lego X-Men figures, including Wolverine, is perfect for those who adore these superheroes.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy

For adventures across the universe, our range of Lego Guardians of the Galaxy sets includes characters such as Rocket and Star Lord, accompanied by their space shuttles and armour for when the Galaxy needs them most.

Discover More With Lego Marvel

Lego Marvel is suitable for fans of all ages with different levels of building ability and suitability for specific age groups. Big kid and adults can still enjoy the excitement of building Marvel Lego characters and sets, or if they enjoy collecting, we have adult collectables which include iconic Marvel figures. You can even enhance the Lego Marvel experience by building your own city for the likes of Spiderman to save with our range of Lego City sets.

We have even more Lego superheroes for you to build, or if you’re a mega fan of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, see our Marvel toys collection.