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LEGO Dots sets are filled with fun, creativity, and excitement. Design a funky LEGO Dots bracelet with faces, bright colours, and shapes. The range features DIY storage boxes and trays where you can store away your LEGO pieces, arts, and crafts. You can take them anywhere and everywhere and mix up your design, it's that easy. LEGO Dots is perfect for kids over 6 who love fashion, crafts, and seriously cool bracelets.

Crafty LEGO Dots Sets to Share

There's nothing better than projects you can do with your friends. Share the love with our LEGO Dots Ultimate Birthday Party Kit, the perfect hands-on activity that will get all of the attendees involved. With 6 customisable LEGO cupcakes, toy bracelets, and loads of tiles, charms, and stickers - everyone can create something unique to them! Even party games are included to ensure it's the best party ever, full of fun and laughter.

Wearable Art With LEGO Dots

Express yourself and make a statement with the LEGO Dots Bracelet Designer Mega Pack, loaded with fun and imagination. Get five bracelets in different colours and over 350 mosaic pieces to make truly special jewellery. Create a whole set of looks, or design friendship bracelets by reflecting everyone's personalities!

Store your epic collection in the LEGO Dots Creative Animal Drawer. Easy to assemble, with endless choices, you can customise the adorable shapes with different animals, including a bunny, cat, and unicorn, expressions, and mosaic pieces for that special final touch.

Expand Your LEGO Creations

For generations, LEGO has been encouraging children to be creative, building their own universes and works of art. From LEGO Star Wars to the complex LEGO adult sets, there is something for every age and skill level.

Haven't found the right set? Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, try our LEGO gift finder to discover the perfect match.