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Heelys - Size 4

Roll into tons of fun with an awesome pair of Heelys!

Heelys come with a stealth wheel that allows you to walk, run and roll through all your days simply by shifting your weight forwards or backwards.

We have a great range of Heelys available from Junior Size 11 all the way up to Size 7, so kids of all ages can enjoy the rocking and rolling fun.

Select a two-wheel system for younger children who might want a little more help with their balancing. You can always remove the second wheel to transform your Heelys when you get comfortable and confident!

The wheels in all Heelys designs are removable or coverable, so you can wear your bright, colourful and fun Heelys everywhere!

Browse pink, red and blue patterned and solid designs to find a pair of Heelys that match your style.

Make sure to check out our great Heelys Shoes Clearance specials for extra style and extra savings!