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Pick up a Harumika dolls set for lots of creative fun.

In each Harumika fashion kit, you’ll find a mannequin torso, along with a selection of fabrics, pins, ribbons and a design tool. You can then dress your Harumika doll, designing your very own gowns time and time again. Plus, there’s no need for glueing or cutting, which means no cleaning up – result!

For dolls that are already dressed up and ready to play with, browse our extensive range of fashion dolls. Or, for a compact companion that can fit in your pocket, take a look at our mini fashion dolls range.

Make sure you check out the L.O.L. Surprise Tweens Dolls for trendy toys with attitude, or pick out a Rainbow High doll that matches your personality. For a more realistic doll that you can dress up all day long, #RFriends dolls will be perfect for you.