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Unlock a world of stylish surprises with the colourful Hairdorables dolls.

Each sweet doll has a unique personality for little ones to enjoy. Choose the Hairdorables dolls that suit your child’s interests or let them pick out their own favourites. Get ready to enjoy super-styling fashion adventures together, whichever characters you choose.

Hairdorables dolls come with great accessories like brushes, clips, and props. Use the doll accessories to brush and style your Hairdorables’ long hair, again and again, making sure they’re always ready to play. With so many unique Hairdorables to collect and display, kids can enjoy a whole world of fun and friendship adventures.

Discover three series of Hairdorables dolls and activity sets, including the super-cool HairDUDEables! Take them with you wherever you go for imagination-sparking playtime every day.

Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll - Kali
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll - Kali
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3 - 10 years
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll Series 2 - Bella
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll Series 2 - Dee Dee
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll Series 2 - Harmony
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll Series 2 - Kali
Hairdorables Hairmazing Doll Series 2 - Noah
Hairdorables Scented Big Hair Don't Care Series 5 Doll (Styles Vary)
Hairdorables Longest Hair Ever Doll (Styles Vary)
Hairdorables Dolls Series 6 - Colour Magic Blow Dry Besties (Styles Vary)
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