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Feisty Pets

Soft toys have been given some bite with the new Feisty Pets.

Adorable and fearsome all at the same time, the Feisty Pets toys will steal your heart while making you and your friends giggle and scream at their antics!

Pick a snuggly unicorn, puppy, bear or kitty Feisty Pets toy. With their huge eyes, expressive eyebrows and soft plush fur, the Feisty Pets might appear as lovable as any of your other soft toys, but they’re hiding a fierce personality.

Give your Feisty Pets toy a squeeze on the back of the head and they’ll bare their sharp fangs in a fearsome growl!

Collect your favourite pets in Feisty Pets form and make your friends and family jump out of their skin with these bad-tempered soft toys!