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My First Barbie Dolls

The world of Barbie is bright and exciting, and with My First Barbie everyone can get in on the fun! Perfect for little ones thanks to their soft torsos and limbs, and featuring several fashionable accessories, there's a lot to love from this first step into the Barbie world.

Help your children learn how to play with toys, spark their imaginations, improve their motor skills and get them to express themselves with the My First Barbie doll line. Brush their hair, mix and match their clothes, and get ready to make dress-up play a breeze! You can also style them to match playsets, giving lots of time for friendship and fashion alike.


My First Barbie Soft Body Dolls

There comes a time in every little one's life where they become interested in dress-up and fashion. Spark their imagination with the soft body dolls in the My First Barbie line, giving them a safe way to dress up and play. Choose from the blonde classic Malibu Barbie, with her bright pink dress and baby blue accessories, or have a blast with the purple tones of Brooklyn. You can even mix and match with other Barbie doll clothes to give them a style all their own.

My First Barbie Playsets

A doll is great fun, but a playset adds to their world. Give them a fun place to interact, dance, sleep, and so much more with the My First Barbie Playsets. Make fun sleepovers with stylish and bright beds and pets or give them a taste for their first job down at the water park. Don't stop the fun with these playsets alone, as there's a lot more to explore in the world of Barbie Doll Houses, so add in extras to help your kids' imaginations come to life!

With all this excitement, you may soon be ready for the next step into the world of Barbie. If so, we've got everything you, or your little one, will need. Head over to our Barbie Dolls page, and get stuck into the full fashionable world of the iconic lady herself!