LEGO Superheroes Batman: The Joker Steam Roller - 76013

7 - 14 years



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Put an end to the Clown Prince of Crime’s dastardly plan with the Joker Steam Roller building set from Lego DC superheroes.

Batman’s arch enemy has built a crazy steam roller and is causing havoc in Gotham. Together with Robin and Bat Girl, the Caped Crusader must swoop down in the Batwing and save the City he loves.

Use the Batwing’s four flick missiles to disable the metal menace and grab the Joker and his goon before they set off their laughing gas bombs! Do you have what it takes to save Gotham City?

An ideal gift for Superheroes aged seven and up.


  • 5 minifigures -  Batman, Joker, Henchman, Robin and Batgirl
  • Assorted weapons – 2 batarangs, flag gun and crow bar
  • 28cm long Batwing
  • 20cm long steam roller
  • 486 Lego pieces


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    7 years +
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