Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game

4 - 8 years

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Let your inner princess shine with the Disney Dazzling Princess Game.

Pick a card and guess the princess from the clue, then use the special decoder heart to reveal the answer.

Now it’s your turn to be a princess! Act out the princess on your card while the other players try to guess.

With every correct answer, add a sparkling gem to your tiara, bracelet and ring, then dazzle your way to the royal ball. The first player to earn all of their gems wins.

This magical game is suitable for two to four players aged four and up, and includes:

  • 4 tiaras
  • 4 bracelets
  • 4 rings
  • 200 cards
  • 40 gems
  • Decoder heart
  • Rules


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    4 years +
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