Beyblade Metal Masters Crushing Blast Top Pack

8 - 16 years

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Get twice the Beyblade battling power with the Beyblade Metal Masters Crushing Blast Top Pack.

This Beyblade top pack contains everything you need to assemble and build two Beyblade battling tops. Load them into the two launchers, then let them rip and see which Beyblade is victorious. You can even customise your Beyblades with parts from other tops to make the ultimate battling machine.

Set up for aggressive attacks, Torch Gemios has a Wings spin track to help keep it stable and a Coated Sharp tip that keeps it moving quickly. Standing against it is Rock Zurafa, with a Rubber spin track for a solid defense and a Wide Ball tip that gives awesome stability.

Included in the top pack are two secret codes, which you can enter on the Beyblade website to battle online.


  • Age
    8 years +
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