Rolly John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator

3 - 8 years



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Why we love the Rolly John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator

  1. Can rotate 360 degrees
  2. Automatic locking arm
  3. Can be used on sand and earth
  4. Lightweight and easily transportable

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Go digging with the Rolly John Deere Mobile 360 Degree Excavator.

Putting kids as young as three in the driving seat, this sit-on four wheeled digger does exactly what it says in the title. It rotates 360 degrees and has a digger mechanism just like the real thing.

It can work with earth and sand making it the perfect outdoor toy, and its lightweight design means mum and dad will have no trouble getting it in and out of the garden.


  • Age
    3 years +
  • Height
    77.0 cm
    43.0 cm
    102.0 cm
    4.1 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Robbie Toys
  • Manufacturer Number
  • Our Product Number