Come rain or shine, we've come up with a list of 10 fun arts and crafts activities to get stuck into...

Build a marvellous

Our great model sets are just the job for wannabee mechanics. Just follow the instructions carefully and don't get stuck to your new machine!

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Make a puppet

Turn an old sock into a songbird, bits of fabric into finger-sized friends, or make a robot out of a cereal box. Just remember to ask the sock owner first!

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Make an accessory for a fancy dress costume using your imagination and a craft set. Create a parrot for a pirate, a necklace for a princess or a gadget for a superhero.

The Entertainer £1 art range >
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Create a creature

Design a fearsome monster or mythical being using modelling dough or plasticine. Use your imagination to dream up a troublesome, tentacled terror or a shambling, shy she-elf – the possibilities are endless!

Modelling Dough >

Get fancy

Create your own fashion style with a clever Harumika kit. Design a cool new outfit on a mannequin without the need for sewing, cutting or glue.

Harumika >

Rock out

Play along to some classic tracks with a Paper Jamz drums, guitar or amp set - no musical talent required.

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Brain tickler

Design a devious maze with dead ends and confusing patterns to put your friends and parents to the test! All you need is a pen and some paper.

The Entertainer £1 art range >

Personal touch

Draw something real and put your imagination to work on it! Draw a bridge and add the miserable troll that lurks beneath, draw a tree in the garden and add a cheeky monkey or draw your dad and give him a fab new hairstyle!

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Happy birthday!

A handmade card is a really thoughtful gift for friends and family so make a birthday card for someone you know.

The Entertainer £1 art range >


Bring a cartoon to life

Create a new character for your favourite TV programme. Draw a picture or make a model to bring them to life.

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