Gummi-X Bug Centre

8 - 12 years

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Stage your own Bushtucker Trial with the Gummi-X Bug Centre.

Freak out your friends and make you little sister squeal by gobbling up squishy stag beetles, cray fish and woodlice. Little will they know the creepy crawlies are in fact delicious jelly-style sweets that you've made in your Gummi X-Bug Centre!

The clever machine comes with a water pool to heat your gummy mixture plus moulds to create ugly bug shapes. When you've finished moulding your treats they need just 15 minutes in the fridge before they're ready to eat.

You will need a few extra ingredients to make your gummy bugs - such as sugar and fruit juice - but you should be able to find all of them in your kitchen cupboard or local supermarket.

The Gummi-X Bug Centre comes with:

  • Play centre unit
  • Waterpool
  • Two beakers
  • Spoon, tweezers and stirring stick
  • Three moulds (stag beetle, cray fish and woodlice)
  • Two sets of two clips
  • Instruction book


  • Age
    8 years +
  • Weight
    1.1 kg
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