Beyblade Metal Fury Death Quetzalcoatl

8 - 16 years

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What parts are in the Death Quetzalcoatl top?

  • Face bolt with holographic design
  • Quetzalcoatl energy ring for a snake-like bite!
  • Death fusion wheel for weight and recoil
  • 125 spin track for stability
  • SF performance tip for aggressive moves

Bring the fury of the Aztecs to your Beyblade battles with the Beyblade Metal Fury Death Quetzalcoatl top.

Striking with the speed of the winged serpent god, this five piece top is greated for launching powerful attacks, and absorbing blows from rival tops

Clip your top together with the assembly tool, and then let it rip with the launcher. You can also customise it with parts from other tops (sold separately) to create the ultimate weapon.

This pack includes a collector card and an online game code.


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    8 years +
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